Weekly Team Update!

Good Evening ABG Family!
A few quick updates…
These are this weeks teams.  These teams will be together for a couple of weeks due to the early sunset on Thursdays.  If your child cannot make a game please contact your coach, so we can plan accordingly, thanks.  Team Oscar will play Team Julio Saturday at 10:30am.  Team Oscar wears orange camo and Team Julio wear Silver. Team Loesh will play Team Feesh at 1pm.  Team Loesh will be home wearing Silver and Team Feesh will wear orange Camo.
617888 5847
Emilio Guzman
Jonathan Duncan
Daniel Fitzpatrick
Brenden Crowley
Mason MacDonald
Carissa Loesh
Kevyn Araujo
Bo Stead
Ryan Lush
Cole Malatesta
Nico Santonastaso
Team Oscar
Shai Cohan
Weslley DeOliveria
Ben Horton
Scott Lundy
Thomas Fitzpatrick
Jaiden Smith
Nico LaColla
Luke Sacco
Tyler Duncan
Billy Gavin
Knieco Rodriguez
Team Julio
Jordan Henriquez
Kyle D’Anna
Aragorn Murden
Brenden Candeloro
Justin Longmore
Nick Gilbert
Kyle Cummings
Ryan Coggswell
Diego Ventura
Ryan Medeiros
Diego Menes
Adrain Miranda
Team Feesh
Bobby Spoto
Adrain Figueroa
Isaiah Normil
Matthew Turilli
Sean Hudson
Alex Velasco
Leo Villanueva
Alex Tello
Christian Spoto
Jodel Jean

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